Our Beginning

HDN Global has decided to create Channel Manager, Book Engine, Compare Manager, and Smart Hotel platforms to adress the need to control everything in one single panel by developing e-hotel internet technology since 2008. About 3 years of hard work, we put our solutions into service in 2011.

Our Reality

Today, HDN Global is growing rapidly as a Internet Distribution System (IDS) provider. HDN Global offers new solutions to more than 150 hotels. These hotels can easily reach IDS channels via a single extranet panel and can change or update information such as price or availability online. These hotels also can keep the prices same with their own booking engine and other IDS companies by using Booking Engine. At the same time, HDN Global provides strategic advice to the hotels to get more reservation and income.

Our Future

HDN Global will continue its research and development to adress the needs and demands of hotels by following future of e-commerce, online reservation, and hotel management.